How It Works

About Our Athlete & Coach Networking Platform

The coaches’ and administrators’ roles are to own exclusive rights with specific advantages for success. Although the coaching platform is similar to the student’s format, there are distinctive differences. The coaches / administrative role is designed to access, process, and share valuable amateur athletic information in real-time from a competitive perspective.

The ability to ascertain personalized data of a potential blue chipper’s strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, academic performances, official statistics, hobbies, etc. can prove advantageous to one’s short or long term objective or school culture.

The Athletic Grade’s coaching platform is designed just for this particular purpose. The super-system operates in junction to a local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN); both coaches/student portal devices share a common server and communication lines that spans to an extensive geographical location over the internet.

A School, Amateur or College Athlete or Coach Signs Up – What Happens Next?

Once the administrative signup process is complete, specific content data is readily available for filtering and planning objectives. If a high school basketball coach player’s on his/her team are not fulfilling certain academic requirements, an undisclosed fellow student profile may provide a high aptitude interest in academics which qualifies tutorial status for team mates in need of assistance.

Whether a collegiate football coach is in search for a scholar athlete that has a vernacular for ancient Roman architecture, or a collegiate soccer instructor’s ulterior motive is to recruit forwards (“strikers”) with superior 40 yard dash speed, that data can be accessed on TAG.

In addition, several incentives are provided for achievement like collaborative tools where files and messaging can be interactively shared, webinar conferencing request among coaching peers, and social networking capabilities to broaden interest network groups.

Regardless of the institutions athletic departments outlined agenda, TAG’s student profile directory will provide conclusive data for any athletic success agenda.