Coaches & Administrators

The coaching premium subscription is a relevant membership for today’s informed coaching profession. Incentives offer members the ability to assess a variety of amateur talent from a scholastic / athletic perspective such as personal profiles, bios, academic institution representation, sport of excellence, statistics, drill times, rankings, etc. Profile upload content delivery may be viewed in various formats such as video, audio files, articles, etc.

Furthermore, membership will provide alternate platforms that allow network group connections among peer administrators the rights to facilitate coaching Q & A sessions, webinar external site requests, private scouting consultations for valuable information sharing and much more! The Coaches and Administrators package is essential for today’s coach that values real time data for a competitive edge.

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Athletes & Students

All Student Athlete memberships are free. In order to complete the signup process, The Athletic Grade needs to confirm the email address provided is accurate in order to validate potential members. Each registrant needs to confirm their email address by opening the link sent to the recipient upon signing up. All information provided is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Additional privacy data is outlined in the Acceptance of terms and Services Agreement clause.

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