Is TAG a legitimate social networking website?

Yes. The TAG is an exclusive social networking platform for amateur athletes (high school and collegiate) that allows content sharing, talent exposure, and sports data collaboration.

Can coaches join the website?

Yes. Coaches and administrators will be provided a separate platform from the athletes. They will be able to access athletic and scholastic data from the member athletes, possess rights to facilitate coaching Q & A sessions and webinar external site requests, but will not have rights to communicate on the student forum platforms due to the amateur status of the athletes.

How much does it cost to join?

Students are always free. Coaches and administrators will pay a nominal fee with option to chose from. Subscriptions can either be paid monthly or annually (discounted).

Are apps available for mobile devices?

Not at the present time. Mobile apps will be available in the near future.

What are some incentives for joining?

As an athlete subscriber, members will have the opportunity to create a personal profile featuring a bio, upload video content, sport of choice, statistics,etc. Coaches and administrator members have rights to ascertain athletic talent from abundant sources, collaborate and share data with peer groups through alternate channels such as webinars. The ultimate goal TAG seeks is to provide universal exposure in the sports world for ALL members.

Do I have to provide private information to become a member?

The Athletic Grade website is an SSL secured website which allows highly sensitive data such as credit cards and login credentials to be transmitted safe and secure with high encryption levels. However, private information such as social security numbers will never be asked from any potential member during the signup process.